The nature of the truth.
Long ago, one merchant came to a small town in a remote area. Before he left, he gave them the news of the surrounding world.
A day after he left, there was the weekly town meeting. One man questioned the recent news he gave to them.
"How do we know if what he says is true?"
"Why would he lie to us?"
"Exactly, we don't know his own motives or his own life other then by what he tells us."
"He seems to be an honest man by all my dealings with him." The shopkeeper replied.
"Ma'am, how do we know if the information he receives is reliable? He admits he didn't see these events first hand."
"Why would they lie to him?"
"Shouldn't the burden be on the travelling merchant to show us what he says is true? To help us confirm with an observer we trust?"
"It seems like too much work. It does not cost much time or gold to go along with the recent news."
This happened multiple times over the next year.
And then in last meeting of the year.
"We are risking too much on this project."
"We have committed too much to stop now, and it's only a small amount of additional gold."

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